the next event will be organized: World Villages
Villages of the world’s idea was refined into an idea, organize a village event, aimed at connecting the villages of the world into a single operating entity. Villages around the world are similar, although the approaches and the situations are very kind. Villages in the world is a meeting place for different people and cultures. Villages and encountering similar problems with people working in the community,
strengthening and is part of the world’s villages, the ideology of the event. Changing young people from the villages, older people in their own villages, housing and services to jailbreak in urban areas are problems that affect all the villages, despite the location or size. Villages in the world – the event is also a marketing event in the village, where community life and social behavior is of great importance.
World Villages event was launched in 2004 Ylitornion Lohijärvi (Salmon Lake). The following year the event was held in Sonka village. The event went strength to strength, continuing Unarin-Luusua, Kemijärven Luusua, Vuontisjärvi and from there the journey is continued to the Swedish side of the Lannavaaraan. Year 2010 Palohuornas Gällivare Sweden. 2011 Meltosjärvi / Raanujärvi, 2012 Suomusalmella Karhulanvaara in the village. 2013 gap year, when the car was handed over to the head carrying the Earth, so the 2014 venue Kantomaanpää Ylitornio.


Background and formats event in the world:
The World villages, the event has started its journey from Lapland in 2004 as a result of the development project villages .

The event is intended to bring out the similarities as well as the villages of the erlaisuutta as resources and how the behaviors are similar to the villages were located in the villages anywhere in the world .
The World villages, the event is intended to esitelle the villages of the local culture on their own terms .
Mission Statement:
World Villages event profile is intended for all the villages in the world. The event is a symbol of the world’s carpet , which circulates in the villages event . The intention is that the event is organized by the World villages or village in a few villages , bringing together the resources of their region , knowledge and skills. The World’s villages and world- carpet event will return every 3 year to its roots Lapland.

The World’s carpet can rotate around the world, annually changing villages.
1 event organization
2 Action plan and schedule
3 Whom the transaction is conducted
4 Venue / The World’s incredible selection of the next holder
5 event Security
6 Partners
7 Budget and Finance
8 Information and Marketing


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